Welcome to the companion website for the curriculum and film How Are the Children? This website is maintained by the United Church of Christ Palestine Israel Network (UCC PIN). Scroll down to find links to the film, curriculum materials (including instructions for presenters), resources for further study, and more.

View the film

View the trailer, 3 minutes 44 seconds:  How Are the Children? Trailer 

View Part 1 of the film, 41 minutes:  How Are the Children? Part 1

View Part 2 of the film, 29 minutes:  How Are the Children? Part 2 

Note for video Part 2: For the 117th Congress, Rep. Betty McCollum has introduced a new legislative bill in support of Palestinian Children: H.R. 2590. For information about this bill, click on the blue “ADVOCATE” link below. 

Purchase the DVD

To order a DVD of the film & trailer:  How Are the Children? DVD

Information for presenters

The film How Are the Children? forms the centerpiece of an education curriculum designed by the UCC Palestine Israel Network for members of the United Church of Christ. Intended audiences for this curriculum include individual congregants, ministers and their congregations, conference ministers and staff, and national officials and staff. Although the film and curriculum will likely resonate with many youths, the primary audience is adults. The curriculum consists of two 45-minute sessions. It is suitable for UCC adult education classes and all manner of UCC conferences and gatherings, including annual conference gatherings, retreats, and UCC General Synod. 

To view the curriculum materials & instructions for presenters: Information For Presenters

UCC Resolutions on Palestine and Israel, and Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

To view the full text of the 2017 UCC resolution on incarcerated Palestinian children, and for prior UCC resolutions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)UCC Resolutions and FAQs

Next Steps

For the next steps of Study, Contribute and Advocate, the UCC Palestine Israel Network recommends the following resources. Click “Study,” “Contribute,” and  Advocate” for recommended resources under each category.

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